Middle Ground FAQ

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Where do I find the Middle Ground?

The Middle Ground lies in between the way things are and the way they can become. Between the parameters of what is positive and possible. Creating an atmosphere of emotional safety is essential to developing or rebuilding Middle Ground communication. Between partners, each must choose to step forward into it; creating the middle ground always involves making a choice.

Who needs a blame-free zone?

A blame-free zone helps create and nurture emotional safety. Emotional safety makes trust and openness possible. Without it, partners are defensive or aggressive; and they feel disconnected. All couples need a blame-free zone in order to create and maintain openness and trust.

Will the Middle Ground help us sexually?

Let me put it this way - What does feeling angry have in common with being unable to communicate and feeling misunderstood? They are all anti-aphrodisiacs. By creating emotional safety - lowering anger, improving communication and clarifying misunderstandings - the Middle Ground approach improves intimacy and renews couples' ability to experience pleasure together.

What is the life span of the Middle Ground?

With loving care, the Middle Ground grows sturdy and resilient; it can last a lifetime. Harm, even ruin, can come to it through neglect, cruelty, shortsightedness.

What can the Middle Ground accomplish?

The Power of the Middle Ground: A Couple's Guide to Renewing Your Relationship is filled with examples of couples who learn to overcome, or in many cases take advantage of, their differences. Learning to accept and negotiate differences is key to relationship success.

Does your relationship need work?

The Middle Ground Inventory helps you identify your relationship's strengths and weaknesses.

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