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Welcome to the Power of the MIddle Ground blog!

You will find a series of relationship Q & A sessions, information and opinion pieces as well as podcasts and links to current articles of interest.

I welcome questions, comments and suggestions.

My goal is to expand understanding about how valuable the power of the middle ground can be in solving relationship difficulties.

I will answer as many questions on the blog site as my schedule permits.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Unless you specify the wish for a private response, I assume that your sending me a question signifies permission for me to respond to your question on the blog, so please disguise information that you wish to keep confidential. If you do specify the desire for a private response I will, to the extent that time permits, respond with a private email.

Responses offered here are made to help you come to terms with whatever problem you may be writing about. I am under obligation to state that this forum is not a therapy venue per se. Any idea or suggestion taken from this site must be used with understanding that the responsibility for the results obtained is retained exclusively by the reader of the site and not the website author..

The Power of the Middle Ground: a Program for Couples

In this interview, I give explicit instructions on how couples can access, or think about approaching their Middle Ground. Reverend Jennifer and her husband, Ogun, brought out the heart of the Middle Ground concepts with their astute questions and comments. Here’s the show we did together: : Podcast

To hear more of the Family Unity Matters Programming check out http://unity.fm/program/UnityFamilyMatters